For over 20 years, Balance Staffing has been helping companies achieve their goals. Through our comprehensive staffing services options, we empower companies to thrive, providing them with the exceptional candidates they need to grow and flourish.

Your employees are your most valuable asset. When you have the perfect team, your company can reach new peaks, both in productivity and the quality of your outcomes. That’s why, at Balance Staffing, we focus on finding right-fit candidates based on your needs.

Any of our total talent management solutions are fully customizable. We’ll work diligently to ensure they align with your unique requirements, giving you access to the high-quality results you deserve.


Direct Hire Recruiting

Want to streamline your entire hiring process? Let Balance Staffing handle the heavy-lifting for you with our Direct Hire program. We’ll recruit, screen, and interview leading candidates, presenting you with only the most highly qualified talent. All of your energy is focused on the best available candidates, saving you time, lowering costs, and reducing time-to-hire while ensuring the highest quality outcome.

Temporary Staffing

Do you need some extra hands during your peak season? Is covering a short-term employee absence a concern? Do you need specialized skills for a project? If so, Balance Staffing’s temporary hire program is the solution for you. We can provide access to top-tier short-term help that are hand-selected based on your specific needs. Each one is prescreened and ready to start work on your schedule.

Temp-to-Hire Placements

Do you wish you could try a candidate out before making a long-term commitment? With Balance Staffing’s Temp-to-Hire program, you can. We identify top-tier talent based on your requirements, ensuring the quality of the match is a priority. Then, you select a candidate. Initially, the employee remains on our payroll. There’s no risk and no commitment until you decide to extend a job offer, allowing you to make sure the fit is right.


Looking to reduce your administrative burden? Want to turn your payrolling activities over to specialists? With Balance Staffing’s Payrolling services, you can streamline your processes and gain access to payroll experts. We’ll handle every aspect of payroll for your entire workforce, including compensation, withholdings, benefits administration, and reporting. Not only will you save time and energy, but you’ll reduce costs, too, making it a win-win.

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