For over 20 years, Balance Staffing has been helping area companies achieve their goals. Through our comprehensive workforce management options, we can simplify and streamline your operations, allowing you to reach new heights of productivity and efficiency while guaranteeing the quality of your results.

Your employees are your most valuable asset. When you have the ideal team, your business can reach new peaks, both in productivity and the quality of your outcomes. That’s why, at Balance Staffing, finding right-fit candidates based on your needs is our focus.

Any of our total workforce management solutions can be tailored based on your priorities. We’ll work diligently to ensure each option you select aligns with your requirements, giving you access to the high-quality outcomes you deserve.



Are you looking to enhance your employer brand and elevate your recruitment practices? With Balance Staffing’s Vendor-on-Premises program, you get the support you need to take your contingent workforce management to the next level. A dedicated on-site representative will come to your location, handling recruitment and onboarding, while also fully overseeing your temporary workforce. Streamlining processes, lifting the employee experience, and elevating your results is their priority, lifting your company as an employer-of-choice.

Remote Site Management

Need to make sure your contingent workforce is properly managed? With Balance Staffing’s Remote Site Management program, we can oversee your entire temporary workforce. We’ll coordinate talent sourcing and acquisition, streamlining the process of scaling up and scaling down. Plus, we’ll handle other administrative tasks, including onboarding and tracking, all while finding right-fit candidates, enhancing productivity, and boosting retention at every step.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Are you looking for a high-quality, scalable approach to recruitment that drives results? With Balance Staffing’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) program, you can enhance your hiring outcomes while streamlining operations and boosting efficiency. Our recruitment specialists will handle all of our candidate sourcing and talent acquisition needs, creating a strategic approach for accessing the right-fit candidates you need.

Balance Managed Services

Do you need more time to focus on your key operations? If so, our Balance Managed Services Provider (MSP) program is an ideal fit. It allows you to offload human resources, administrative, and other functions, putting them in the capable hands of the Balance Staffing team. Along with a significant cost-savings, you’ll experience other benefits like enhanced efficiency and improved productivity, all thanks to your ability to concentrate on critical operations.

Hybrid Master Vendor

Need to centralize your contingent workforce management? Want to retain top talent while streamlining performance oversight? With Balance Staffing’s Hybrid Master Vendor program, it’s all possible. We can help you develop and implement a comprehensive workforce strategy designed to drive quality and elevate results. You gain access to the largest talent pool possible while centralizing operations, ensuring access to right-fit candidates while boosting efficiency.

Independent Contractor Compliance

Hiring independent contractors but need to validate proper classification? Balance has you covered. We evaluate the IC’s business structure and relationship with your company based on respective state tests. Our legal expert will translate and provide recommendations. For those workers that do not qualify for IC classification, we will become the payroll employer of record to keep the worker happy and mitigate your risk and liability.

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