Corporate Office

Located in Stockton, CA, the Balance Staffing corporate offices supports each and every one of our branches. We are a large and growing team that looks forward to helping candidates and companies reach new heights and achieve their goals.

Modesto, CA

Light industrial, manufacturing, distribution centers, food production, and more… those are the specialties of this branch. Balancing Staffing Modesto has a large, capable team that’s ready to help match talented candidates with exciting opportunities. Welders, machinists, assemblers, general laborers, quality control specialists, forklift operators, and more are all welcome, as well as companies looking for capable professionals in any niche.

Merced, CA

At the Merced branch, we focus on light industrial, manufacturing, distribution centers, food production, and more. Our small but mighty team is ready to match exceptional candidates with exciting opportunities, including in positions like general laborer, assembler, forklift driver, machinist, welder, and more.

Roseville, CA

IT, engineering, and other professional placements; that’s the focus of the Roseville branch. Along with sourcing top talent for California businesses, Roseville goes the extra mile, helping companies across the nation secure the skilled professionals they need to thrive.

Sacramento, CA

One of Balance Staffing’s newest additions, the Sacramento branch fills a variety of positions. Light industrial, administrative, call center, and skilled labor are just a few of the niches the small, but highly capable, Sacramento team handles.

Salinas, CA

Concentrated and capable; that’s how we describe our Salinas branch. This talented Balance Staffing team finds right-fit candidates and right-fit opportunities in a variety of industries, including general labor, light industrial, skilled trades, manufacturing, office/clerical, and more.

San Jose, CA

One of Balance Staffing’s larger teams, the San Jose branch is highly experienced in finding top talent in the professional, engineering, and IT niches. These Balance Staffing recruiters know the importance of finding right-fit candidates for these roles as well as offering the highest caliber job seeker experience, making both of those goals priorities.

Stockton, CA

At the Stockton Office, our large (and growing) team sometimes welcomes hundreds of candidates each day. This Balance Staffing branch supports a range of niches, matching top light industrial, administrative, and accounting talent to exciting temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire opportunities with some of the areas leading employers.

Reno, NV

At the Reno branch, we match right-fit candidates to assembly, general labor, and a variety of other positions throughout the area. This Balance Staffing team is smaller, but incredibly skilled, ensuring the highest quality matches and the utmost in candidate and client satisfaction.

El Paso, TX

Manufacturing, maintenance, distribution, call center, administrative, and management… those are the niches where the El Paso office shines. Whether you need a forklift driver for your warehouse or are looking for a clerical job, this small office can help you achieve your goals.

Tempe, AZ

The Tempe Balance Staffing office has never met a niche they couldn’t tackle. They specialize in a wide variety of roles, including general labor, light industrial, manufacturing, IT, engineering, finance, and accounting. This team is diligent about matching talented candidates to exceptional opportunities, ensuring that the quality of the match is always a priority.

Austin, TX

At the Austin Balance Staffing office, specialties are the name of the game. This talented team focuses on a variety of niches, including semiconductor production, logistics, tech, administrative, and call centers. Finding right-fit matches is always the name of the game, ensuring companies and candidates are both set up for success.

client testimonials

  • Mandy, Merced, CA
    I would like to say thank you to Elsa and Sarah!! I was looking for a full time position and they obtain a fast interview within hours i was hired! Just waiting on my start date! Thank you!
    Mandy, Merced, CA
  • Elzree, Roseville, CA
    Balance Staffing was totally professional walking you through this process. She was excited to support and prepare you for your interviews. Great follow ups and support all the way.
    Elzree, Roseville, CA
  • Alfredo, Salinas, CA
    Balance Staffing is a great agency! Thank you to all of the staff for the great service.
    Alfredo, Salinas, CA
  • Jon, Austin, TX
    I worked with Balance Staffing for over 2 years and had a very positive experience with them. I have since converted over to a full time position at the client they had me working with but will keep them in mind if things don’t work out.
    Jon, Austin, TX
  • Lupe, San Jose, CA
    Wow, really a great experience to walk out with a job! You guys were very helpful and patient with me. I was really feeling down until I walked in to the agency, nothing but happy face and warm welcome. You really made a difference for me. Thank you so much!” -
    Lupe, San Jose, CA
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